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Nephilm of Rennes Chateau and Boudet's True Celtic Language

by Carolyn Shield Over the past few articles I have written here at UFO digest about   the story of the Nephilim. The Nephilim are the giants or "sons of God" who bred with the daughters of Eve. The hybrid race gave us the men of renown such as Hercules. Abbe Boudet is a priest
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Is a face of a Reptilian ET in the Bishop's Pontifical Chartres Orleans in 1237?

Middle Age paintings have recently been viewed with different eyes by UFO enthusiasts who are searching for information of extraterrestrials and UFOS. Many paintings have been found that show possible UFO encounters and  possible flying saucers. The Vatican’s recent conference on ali
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Chartres Stained glass windows may show knowledge of Supernatural beings from Orion

Chartres Cathedral was constructed between 1193 and 1250 AD. It was during the times of the Crusades. The legend of Templar knights bringing back knowledge from the Temple of Solomon is written by many researchers. The Crusader knights came from the noble families of France and Europe. A pictur
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Saint Louis IX worshipped The Great Architect of the Masons

Saint Louis IX was king of France during the time of the Crusades. His mother taught him his spirituality from a child. Louis wanted to make Paris the New Jerusalem. He bought from his cousin the Emperor of Constantinople the Crown of Thorns of Christ at a tremendous price. He had brought the passio
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Mary Magdalene - Princess of Provence and of the House of Orange

A new book, by Ralph Ellis Did Mary Magdalene travel to Provence, in France? Ralph Ellis follows the trail of mythology and reveals circumstantial evidence to suggest that she did, and that her presence there has left its mark on the region. Ralph also suggests that the legacy of Mary Magdalene w
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Quest for Middle-earth - Book Review by Robert Morningstar

Dirk Vander Ploeg's "Quest for Middle Earth" A UFO Digest Book Review By Robert D. Morningstar (Copyright 2007, RDM* - All Rights Reserved)   It has often been stated, almost as an axiom but also like a litany, that &quo
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Bugarach - the Mystic Mountain

By Val Wineyard   Bugarach, population 189, is a peaceful farming and wine-growing village in the Corbières, a mountain region in the south of France, and sits at the foot of the mountain of that name.            

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