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The Paranormal Connection Between The Titantic and King Tutankhamun

Titanic and the Paranormal From Paranormala.com It’s a sad and historic anniversary, yesterday was the the 15th of April, the 100th anniversary of sinking of the Titanic. Amid the 3-D showings of the movie and the wild commercialism that seems endless, I wondered what else might be lurk
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The Ghosts of St. Augustine, Florida

Last weekend I took a trip to St. Augustine, Florida. It took about three hours to get there from the West Coast. We visited some of the more historic monuments during the day, including one of the oldest Forts built by the Spanish after Ponce de Leon discovered the Florida "Paradise" and
Roger Marsh's picture

National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center Opens

By Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner Rick Fisher just opened his "mysteries museum" in eastern Pennsylvania Credits: National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center The doors are open. Pennsylvania is now home to the National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center - a Rick Fisher inve
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Living Sacred Economies: Money, Gift & Transition

How to live in a Sacred Economy, in all aspects of your life, during this time of global transformation. Host: Charles Eisenstein 6 Sessions, starting November 30 The wildfire spread of protests inspired by Occupy Wall Street suggests that we're at a crucial turning point: more and more peopl
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George Washington's whiskey distillery rebuilt

First president also grew hemp at Mount Vernon  George Washington was in the news recently. No, he's not back to lead our country militarily, politically and morally, though we could use him now. It was the official dedication of an accurate replica of Washington's whiskey di
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And now back to Miracles....

Have you ever felt the sorrow and pain of losing your beloved dog?  Perhaps you were traveling and somehow your dog wandered off while you were distracted.  Or it found a hole in the fence in your backyard.  Or, horrors of horror, your dear friend and companion was stolen from your
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Nevada's mysterious cave of the red-haired giants

  by Terrence Aym Many Native American tribes from the Northeast and Southwest still relate the legends of the red-haired giants and how their ancestors fought terrible, protracted wars against the giants when they first encountered them in North America almost 15,000 years ago.

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