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Through The StarGate

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JULY 9th ~ 17th, 2011
T w o   Extraordinary Trip In One!


9 days   -  8 nights
$2,350 per person
Single add $150
price based on a minimum of 10 passengers
Fewer than 10 pax add 10% to trip cost
Does not include international Flights

• included •

Domestic  flights
(Flight within Perus)
Airport Transfers
Breakfasts (except Markawasi)
Ground Transportation
English Speaking Guides
Sleeping Bags (Markawasi)
Tents (Markawasi)

Follow the links above (Menu Bar) to join this 9 day Xpedition
• Read terms and conditions
• Register for the trip
• Send Certified Check for $500 to place your deposit
• Or, send full amount with your printed & completed registration

Ready? Start here...
or email: Xpeditions@mac.com
Phone: 602 604 0212

This is the journey you have ask for... An incredible journey through Two of the most amazing places that Kathy and I have ever explored!   And you're invited to join us as we once again search for answers left behind by long forgotten, ancient cultures. This is going to be an incredible trip... UFO's, wormholes, sacred places, and the unknown. What a terrific combination!

To begin this journey (Stage 1) we travel from Lima to Juliaca, Peru to investigate a strange doorway created long ago into petrified sandstone. While in the area we also explore the ancient temple of Copamayo, Sillustani, and travel by boat to visit the floating islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca. There is a lot of exciting adventure packed into this trip.

You have seen the video "The Stargate of Aramu Muru" here at Xpeditions TV. Now, it's time for you to step up to the threshold of the ancients... and enter the unknown.

Next, during "Stage 2" we return to Lima and prepare for our ascent into the Andes. Thought to have been created by the Masma, Markawasi is a mist shrouded mystery sitting at 13,000' elevation. This is our destination. During our time there we walk the plateau, examining the many stone shapes left for whoever survived the massive Earth changes that cleansed the world tens of thousands of years ago during a pole shift and flood. This is a monument, a museum, of what had been. Incredible as it is, this place is older then the pyramids of Egypt. Additionally, we believe there exists another stargate somewhere on the Plateau. We intend to enlist your help to find it.

Then there are the UFO sightings experienced at Markawasi. We have never been there and not seen something, and often very close. Do you have night-vision goggles? Bring them. You'll probably never see anything like this again!


Lima, Peru • Juliaca, Peru • Puno, Peru
Lake Titicaca
Floating Islands
Doorway of Aramu Muru
• 2 nights •

 On the first day of your journey you travel to Lima, Peru for an overnight rest. The next day (day 2) you return to the airport and continue your journey, arriving to Juliaca, Peru. Once you arrive our team picks you up at the airport. On the way to Puno (and our hotel) we stop at Sillustani to explore the ruins. Afterwards, we continue on to our hotel outside Puno.

Day three begins with a morning trip to the Uros Islands. Here you visit various Aymara villages occupied since before the Inca conquered them. This is an interesting and easy morning to help you continue with your acclimatizing. After lunch we travel to the fabled Doorway of Aramu Muru. Before the sun sets you have the opportunity to fully walk the area and become familiar with the terrain. One of the features we hope to continue our investigation of are figures similar to those found at Markawasi. These features are found throughout the immediate area of the doorway. We return to our hotel by late afternoon for dinner and to re-supply with snacks and water. After dinner we return to the doorway. This is your first night to experiment with the techniques needed to open the doorway.

The adventure continues on day four. We begin with a short journey to a seldom seen temple called Copamayo. To really see this place in all its glory you have to follow a path up and onto the side of a smooth stone mountainside. Ancient mathematics are built into the designs of this site, and the view across Titicaca is fantastic. Once finished, we again return to our hotel for dinner. Once refreshed and rested, we return to Aramu Muru for another extraordinary evening.

After a late night, we awake to our last day of adventure (day five). Today you travel by bus, returning to Juliaca, then on to Lima, and our hotel... providing you didn't vanish through the doorway : ))


Day 1 (July 9th): (Travel) USA / Lima, Peru/ Hotel

Day 2 (July 10th): Lima, Peru / Juliaca / Sillustani / Puno

Day 3 (July 11th): Uros Islands / Aramu Muru (afternoon) / Aramu Muru (nighttime)

Day 4 (July 12th): Copamayo / Aramu Muru (evening)

Day 5 (July 13th): Puno / Juliaca / Lima/ Hotel 


Lima, Peru • Markawasi • Lima, Peru

Note: Your meals are not included during this portion of the trip. You should bring freeze dried meals, power bars, trail mix, etc. Fruits are easily found in Lima. Water is provided.

On the first day of "Stage 2" (day 6) you travel from Lima to San Pedro de Costa, a small village high in the Andes. At 10,000' elevation San Pedro sits perched on a mountain side overlooking a vast expanse of small farms with green fields, cattle grazing, and barren desert mountains. This is where we trade our bus for horses. We still have seven miles to go, and 3,000' feet vertical to climb to reach our campsite. Our camp is professionally set-up and once ready we pack our tent for our two night stay.

During the afternoon we begin our first hike across the Markawasi Plateau. There is so much to see and investigate here. The day consists of hiking, easy climbing, and the continuation of our search for the "gate" we believe is here. During the evening, around our campfire, we'll discuss the days events and watch for UFO's. The potential is very high we see something. Sightings are not uncommon in Peru, and especially while watching at night  at Markawasi.

The morning of day seven begins with breakfast and a briefing on the days plans. Because Markawasi covers such a large amount of terrain, we spend this day exploring the areas we had not been able to explore the day before. And, as on day 2, we spend our evening around the campfire. Note: Full Moon tonight. I'll show you Markawasi as few have ever seen it. This is an amazing thing to see!

Our focus shifts on day eight. After breakfast we unpack our tents, repack our bags, and by 3pm begin our hike down to San Pedro de Costa. This walk takes about 2 hours to complete. Upon our return to San Pedro we check into the only hotel in town. During the afternoon we wander the small village to experience life high in the Andes. It's Saturday night, and there might be a village party : )  I've heard we're invited!

We awake to our last day of adventure (day 9). During the morning we visit the local museum to see the mummies and other artifacts found at Markawasi. By early afternoon our bus has returned for us. It is about four hours to drive back to Lima. Once we arrive to Lima you are returned to the airport for your flight home...

Unless, you have decided to continue on to the next adventure: The Amazon Jungle and The Path of Light. For more information, follow this link.

This is not your usual "tourist attraction" trip, but instead an exciting journey with two of the most knowledgeable people you might ever meet who really know the area. If you've been dreaming about going on an extraordinary journey, this is the trip you've been waiting for...

Day 6 (July 14th): (Travel) Lima, Peru / San Pedro de Costa/ Markawasi/ Campsite set-up/ At Camp

Day 7 (July 15th): At Camp

Day 8 (July 16th): Hotel in village of San Pedro de Costa

Day 9 (July 17th): Markawasi/ San Pedro de Costa/ Lima / Home

Keep in mind you will need enough freeze dried food for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches (power bvars are best), and 3 dinners. If you are like us you will want the 2 portion serving for each meal. We like Mountain House the best. Incidentally, the scrambled eggs are terrible : /

For coffee we suggest StarBucks travel packs. These are great! Bring your own cup.

Leave for the Amazon if extension is chosen

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