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Immersion in the Egyptian Mysteries

Immersion in the Egyptian Mysteries Featuring Sharron Rose and the Sacred Mysteries Ritual Performance Ensemble I would like to invite all of you who have expressed interest in my work in reconstructing the music, dance and ceremony of the Temples of ancient Egypt to to join us for the debut of the
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Living Sacred Economies: Money, Gift & Transition

How to live in a Sacred Economy, in all aspects of your life, during this time of global transformation. Host: Charles Eisenstein 6 Sessions, starting November 30 The wildfire spread of protests inspired by Occupy Wall Street suggests that we're at a crucial turning point: more and more peopl
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Is Jilin Province Home to Mythical Beasties?

By He Na (China Daily) A lake in the crater, Tianchi is the most beautiful part of Mount Changbai which straddles China and the DPRK. Zhu Xingxin / China Daily He Na travels to Mount Changbai in Northeast China's Jilin province in search of mythical beasties. One of my favorite films is The
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Sacred Pilgrimage

Sacred Plants and Amerindian Epistemology - Brazil 2012 with Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D. Welcome to a seminar at Wasiwaska, in Florianópolis, southern Brazil, on the beautiful subtropical island of Santa Catarina. The seminar will last for 14 days, March 14-27, 2012. It will consist of a seri
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Ancestors of the Mayans

America Before Columbus The long low ship, With a high stern and pierced for many oars, glides effortlessly up the long narrow bay under its towering square sail.   After several hours, they reach the meeting place at the head of the bay behind several small islands. It was a nice shelt
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Saint Louis IX worshipped The Great Architect of the Masons

Saint Louis IX was king of France during the time of the Crusades. His mother taught him his spirituality from a child. Louis wanted to make Paris the New Jerusalem. He bought from his cousin the Emperor of Constantinople the Crown of Thorns of Christ at a tremendous price. He had brought the passio
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Mary Magdalene - Princess of Provence and of the House of Orange

A new book, by Ralph Ellis Did Mary Magdalene travel to Provence, in France? Ralph Ellis follows the trail of mythology and reveals circumstantial evidence to suggest that she did, and that her presence there has left its mark on the region. Ralph also suggests that the legacy of Mary Magdalene w
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Rennes Chateau: Sauniere and the Pure of Heart

I have been researching the Rennes Chateau Mystery and the connection to the Acadians of Nova Scotia . We have very few picture of Abbe Berenger Sauniere, Here is the link to one of his few pictures http://www.templaricavalieri.it/images/rennes_le_chateau_berenger_sauniere_03.gif You see above Be
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Ancient Monuments, Sacred Landscapes

By Brian Haughton  By exploring the ancient monuments and sacred landscapes of the world using a combination of archaeology, legend, and folklore, it is possible to obtain a unique insight into the hidden world of our ancestors. But what marked out a place as
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Egyptian Archaeologist Admits Pyramids May Contain Alien Technology

Head of the Cairo University Archaeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen in December 2010 had told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza. On being further questioned by Mr Marek Novak, a deleg
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Sacred Pilgrimage to the Magical Land of Egypt

"IT IS WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION that I contemplate this upcoming pilgrimage to the sacred land of Egypt. As some of you may have heard me speak about, it is time on our planet now to gather together the like-minded and like-hearted to raise the frequency and heart vibratio
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Zahi Hawass Sacked As Minister of Egyptian Antiquities!

By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent TELEGRAPH.CO.UK But Zahi Hawass, the public face of the pyramids, has become the latest casualty of the revolution sweeping the Egyptian government after being sacked as minister of antiquities. Dr Hawass was head of the Egyptian Supreme Cou
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Something Big Is Going On At Giza

by Kevin Smith Something big is going on at Giza, and the internet is on fire with speculation about it. The internet is abuzz with the news about new findings in the Great Pyramid on Egypt's Giza Plateau. It has been reported that strange markings have been found inside what man
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The Unexplained and the Unimaginable

Charles Fort – that first scribe of the forbidden – stated in his works “something, somewhere, asserts a legal right to this earth.” At best, the human race was the tenant of an unknown landlord, uncertain of the terms of the lease or when rent was due; at worse, our world
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Rennes-le-Chateau - The Mystery of the Golden Crest

A geometric sigil is not the usual heraldic device. The one on the golden crest is similar to the carving on the Centurion stone found in the Rennes-le-Chateau area by Ben Hammott and his team. The sigil on the stone and the shield are shown pointing to one another in the collage above, do the


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