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Into the Woods: Hunters and High Strangeness

By Scott Corrales - INEXPLICATA UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent At eight o’clock in the evening on August 22, 1978, a trio of wild boar hunters in the vicinity of Argentina’s Coronel Dorrego had settled down around the fire to enjoy a meal of roasted beef. Heavy footfalls
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The Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home of the Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods

A Travel-Friendly Book By Timothy Green Beckley Reviewed by Sean Casteel                        Each year thousands of adventuresome travelers head out with backpack and hi
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Sedona Vortexes Draw Spiritual Visitors with Powerful Earth Energies

By Robert Scheer Even if Sedona didn't have its vortexes, this Arizona city would still be a wonderful place to visit, with its clean air, agreeable climate, abundant activities and spectacular scenery. But, for many spiritually-minded visitors, it is the vortexes that make the area truly
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Guatemala - Maya Sacred Path to 2012 - Reconnecting to Source and Uniting With the Heart of the Maya

November 30 - December 9, 2011 Journey with us to the vibrant and beautiful countries of Guatemala and Honduras to reconnect to source and unite with the heart of the Maya on our 2011 Maya Sacred Path to 2012 program. This is a tour series which began in 2005 and will be offered each year lea
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Weird 11 - Unexplained Mysteries

The UK's premier event on the unexplained  September 17th & 18th 2011 - Swindon, Wiltshire A full weekend of top speakers discussing a variety of fascinating, thought provoking, controversial and evidence based topics from ancient technologies to cryptozoology, myths and le
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The Return of the Giants

Originally published: 17:30 October 7, 2008 Are the Anakim or the Refaim, the giants of the Bible returning to Israel today? There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel; In biblical days from the time of the Flood to the ascension of King David and
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SEVEN BILLION PYRAMIDS: the Great Pyramid of Egypt’s Most Disturbing Teachings  The first two articles of this three part series on the Great Pyramid made my theories quite clear; that the structure was designed and built to represent us. Now we're going to dive deeper into wha
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Rennes Chateau Tetragramaton (All seeing eye) and Acadiens

A priest named Berenger Sauniere lived at the mysterious Rennes Chateau in France. He died on January 22 1917 after he became suddenly ill on January 17 1917. His vestments that he left his estate may show a clue to his spiritual and philosophical mind. The vestment had beautifully stitched a
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Do you believe in fairies?

by Diane Maclean  Publisher's Note: I find this story one of the most fascinating of all paranormal tales. I desperately want to believe - it would be wonderful if it were. It could be trick photography: a double exposure. But what if it isn't?   If you had asked yo
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Did Jesus Visit Glastonbury?

The town of Glastonbury in the Southwest of England is probably the best-known sacred site in the U.K., for it is linked to Jesus, the Holy Grail, and King Arthur. Tradition holds that Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus, came to Glastonbury in 37 A.D., bringing with him the chalice from
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Quest for Middle-earth - Book Review by Robert Morningstar

Dirk Vander Ploeg's "Quest for Middle Earth" A UFO Digest Book Review By Robert D. Morningstar (Copyright 2007, RDM* - All Rights Reserved)   It has often been stated, almost as an axiom but also like a litany, that &quo
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Jack the Ripper Tours

 Publisher's Note: My wife and I visited London in 2004 and we took the Jack the Ripper Tour. It was at night. I believe it started around 7 pm. It was pouring 'cats and dogs' but we with about another dozen souls trudged on walking the very streets that Jack the Ripper did
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Mass Exorcisms Taking Place at Puente Jula, Mexico

By Scott Corrales UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent Source: http://www.laotrarealidadweb.com.ar/?p=10477 For some three decades, people from all corners of the world have visited the Mexican town of Puente Jula to be freed from alleged demonic possession during collective services
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And now back to Miracles....

Have you ever felt the sorrow and pain of losing your beloved dog?  Perhaps you were traveling and somehow your dog wandered off while you were distracted.  Or it found a hole in the fence in your backyard.  Or, horrors of horror, your dear friend and companion was stolen from your
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Stone Energy Wheels

Everything consists of Set and AntiSet. Set is all that which is. AntiSet is all that which is not there but is truly there. Set is the object. AntiSet is the mathematical equation that forms the object.   (Object) and ( ) none object. Both are there one just is invis


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